Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Regarding Gay Marriage

Teaching is a strange thing where there are times when I'm not entirely sure where I am on a given issue until I'm forced to explain it to my kids.

So my students finally got around to asking me about my thoughts on the legalization of gay marriage.

Part of me was glad they asked simply for the fact that it demonstrates their brain has actually begun transferring theology into the world that they live in. Great start. Messy result. I surprised myself with the non-balanced nature of my response.

(Cut scene to me in front of a classroom, concrete floors, eager students of varying races, beliefs, and backgrounds)


If the question is what the Bible says about homosexuality, the answer is quite simple. Every time the question comes up the Word of God treats homosexuality in a negative light. Its never given a positive description while finding itself in lists with less than reputable neighbors.

If the question is what the Bible says about homosexuals, the answer is equally simple. Love your neighbors. Love the greedy, liars, abusers, thieves, fornicators, and murderers, because, lets be honest, you are right there in the crowd, and deeply loved by Jesus. So love well.

This question though, is different. Should a government have the right to tell two guys they can or cannot get married?

I think the question is moot. The government doesn't declare marriage. God does.

Do I think a society that recognizes homosexual marriages is opening itself up to a host of issues?
Yeah, I do.

Is this a hill that I'm gonna fight about, protest on, and march to the Capitol to defeat?
Nah. Its not that big of a deal. Truly.

Let me be frank: if you think for one second that our moral fabric rests on the legislation of the moral views of a minority (lets face it, Christianity is in that category) than you're naive at best. Prohibition anyone?

If you want to get pissed off about something that will actually motivate you to speaking out and taking action, do it in order of priority.

If I'm going to protest, I'm gonna protest the slaughter of innocents. If you're writing your senator about gay marriage while voting for a guy who pushes abortion, we need to talk.

Protest the use of slavery in the harvesting of common commodities you use in your house every day.

Protest the flesh trade.


Spend your life, and anger at injustice, well.

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