Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Regarding Culture and Tolerance

I have little clue what 'proper re-entry' looks like.

I recall from one of my sessions on what it is to be a 'Third-Culture-Kid', and their distinctives from 'Third-Culture-Adults', is that the children are unable to choose which aspects of the host culture to retain upon departure, whereas adults have the capacity to select various elements from both cultures to compose their identity.

I wish it were as easy as it sounds. I feel, at times, a loathing towards each culture, and at others a great compassion, while simultaneously having an utter lack of patience with those who pronounce snap judgements on either with a complete lack of open-mindedness. It brings to mind the bizarre definition the American culture holds towards 'tolerance'.

'Tolerate', meaning, "Don't announce your disagreement with, or pronounce as sin...' things involving the nature of the family, anything in regards to sex, religion, or the lives of the unborn.

'Tolerance', for them, falls by the wayside when it comes to the distinctions, flaws, and cultural perspectives from around the world. It has somehow become a label applied to our pet issues while retaining full license to spew ones ignorance on those issues that the individual feels comfortable voicing their disagreement with.


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